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A Note from Lisa Pulliam

Founder of More to Be & Stableminded

If you're wondering what happened to MoretoBe.com, you're in the right place!

Lean in, friend, for there is a good story to be told.

In the spring of 2024, it became clear that the time has come to wrap up all things More to Be in a gloriously beautiful bow, recognizing that the blessed years spent producing biblically steeped life transformation resources was a worthwhile investment touching thousands of lives across the globe.

However, all things have a season. There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping. There is a time for growth hidden deep beneath the surface and a time for abundant harvesting. There is a time for pruning and transplanting, creating new seasons of growth.

As More to Be experienced all these growth phases, so did I . . . and it was shared extravagantly.

When I launched More to Be in 2011, the vision was to equip women to mentor teen girls from a biblical perspective, overflowing from the work I began in 1996, as I stepped into a unique mentoring role when my husband took a position teaching at an international college prep boarding and day school on Long Island. My passion for the next generation matched my commitment to emerge from a legacy of emotional and physical abuse.

The integration of mentoring and motherhood experiences tracking alongside my spiritual journey and emotional healing evolved into numerous biblically-based books and courses, including Impact TogetherMeet the New You, and Unblinded Faith as well as the beloved More to Be Podcast. I still can't believe what God did with an ordinary woman like me.

The shift into equine-assisted work was equally a great surprise on the heels of much loss as we relocated from New York to Pennsylvania in 2015. I've been a horse-crazed girl from the time I could walk, so I was thrilled to land in prime horse country. In 2018, I took on a volunteer leadership role at an equine-assisted learning program, which led to certification with the Natural Lifemanship Institute and inspired my decision to return to school to become a therapist in 2020. 

In 2021, I launched Stableminded.us, envisioning a future practice offering coaching, counseling, and education online as well as in person, including the unique offering of equine-assisted services.

In 2024, that dream was fulfilled upon earning a Master's in Clinical Counseling with a trauma concentration. With that degree in hand, it is clear that More to Be has served its time, laying a beautiful foundation for this new season of life.

And so as it is true with all things that are given life, there is a time for it to come to rest.

More to Be will always have a place in my heart, as I hope it does for you too, filled with deep gratitude for the way it held a place for God to do deep work in our hearts and minds on this journey to eternity.

Now, the focus is on fully investing in Stableminded.us and supporting clients who are ready to arise, stabilize, and thrive personally and professionally. 

Welcome, to this place of growth.

By His Grace,

Lisa Pulliam
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Arise . Stabilize . Thrive

The mission of Stableminded is to help individuals and groups improve their overall wellness and performance through trauma-informed coaching, therapy, and education. 


As a dually trained life coach and mental health therapist, Lisa Pulliam is passionate about facilitating transformation and healing utilizing a neuropsychological approach. With a holistic understanding of how the mind, body, heart, and soul function best when treated as an integrated whole, Lisa helps her clients arise, stabilize, and thrive mentally, emotionally, relationally, and professionally. 


While Lisa is available to work with individuals and groups in all seasons and stages of life, she specializes in serving women and equestrians motivated to pursue lasting change in and out of the tack. She offers numerous ways to facilitate growth, including online coaching, equine-assisted coaching and learning, clinics, workshops, retreats, and events as well as online, office-based, and equine-assisted therapy for PA residents.

Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


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