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Is therapy for you?

It can be scary to entertain the thought of pursuing mental health therapy because it inherently means you feel like there is something wrong with how you're coping in response to life's challenges. And yet, that struggle is the very reason to boldly seek out help.

We were never meant to go through life alone!

We need others to help us navigate through life successfully.

Unfortunately, the very people we ought to be able to depend upon -- our parents and spouses, siblings and relatives, friends and community of faith, and sometimes even employers and colleagues -- are often the individuals who have caused us the most harm.

And so we find ourselves feeling isolated, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, disappointed, depressed, angry, afraid, anxious, worried, and overwhelmed. That's just to name a few of the emotions we feel when our relationships break down and circumstances take a turn in the wrong direction. Can you relate?

When those emotions become intolerable, other issues erupt, like addictions, patterns of disassociation, and withdrawal from others. It's understandable because your mind, heart, and body are seeking survival and safety. yet the very thing you need -- to be seen, heard, loved, and supported -- becomes further and further out of reach.

Taking the courageous step in pursuing therapy may not be the magic bullet that will resolve all your issues.

However, therapy will help you arise from the overwhelming and unhealthy cycle you find yourself in.

Therapy will help you stabilize through developing resiliency practices.

Therapy will enable you to build your thrive toolbox so that you can face the challenges in your life from a position of strength and overall well-being.

Services & Specialities

Online & In-Person Therapy

Online therapy is available to clients ages 14 and up who prefer the convenience of meeting in a private setting at home or work. For clients who prefer face-to-face sessions, in-person sessions are available in Phoenixville, PA. To learn more, request a 15-minute consultation using the form below.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy is a unique approach that involves partnering with horses during sessions. Horses, as sentiment begins with a sensitive survival system similar to humans, provide great therapeutic benefits. They help us regulate our nervous system and become aware of our way of being in the world, helping us develop calm and confidence. Sessions are held in Narvon, PA, and are available for individuals, teens, children with parents, and families. To learn more, request a 15-minute consultation using the form below.


EMDR, which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. This form of therapy is an especially effective treatment approach for trauma and anxiety. It is a multiphase approach that begins like traditional therapy in seeking to understand the situation you find yourself in and the context of your story followed by providing resourcing strategies to help you navigate the stressors of life presently. Once those skills are well-established, EMDR processing begins and healing can occur quickly. To learn more, request a 15-minute consultation using the form below.

Christian-based therapy is available upon request. 

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Request a 15-Minute Consultation Session to find out your best next step to help you stabilize and thrive.


“If you’re really having trouble making decisions or determining where you should be spending your time, a life coach might be a good option to help you find balance and direction. I’ve worked with Lisa Pulliam and I’ve been so blessed by her guidance and encouragement.”

Esther Littlefield

Unique & Timeless Assessments

Highlands Ability Battery

Discover your personal style, driving abilities, and learning styles that will support your commitment to overall wellness and improved performance in every area of your life.

Personal Vision Program

Determine the direction of your personal and professional life with this 8-session live coaching program which utilizes your results from the Highlands Ability Battery (included) and the companion online curriculum. 


"I'd been wandering, without a real sense of purpose or direction since I graduated high school. There were so many things I wanted to do with my life that I couldn't figure out how to settle on one thing. Through coaching sessions and the Highlands Battery Assessment, Lisa facilitated the process of identifying my goals, resulting in moving to  Colorado and living the life I longed for.

Margie Keith

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Life Breakthrough Academy
Natural Lifemanship
Highlands Ability Battery

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