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Lisa Pulliam, the founder of, is passionate about equipping clients with practical skills to navigate through anxiety, fear, insecurity, hurt, shame, mental blocks, leadership challenges, and family dysfunction in order to grow emotionally resilient and relationally strong. She approaches the growth process from a trauma-informed perspective, simplifying the brain-body-relationship connection to help clients understand how mindset and habit transformation can be achieved.

As a seasoned mental health professional, Lisa adapts to a client’s needs, shifting roles and approaches with ease. She holds certifications from Natural Lifemanship as a Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Coach and Equine Specialist, Life Breakthrough Academy Coach and former Instructor, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and a Master's in Clinical Counseling with a Trauma concentration from Eastern University and is trained in EMDR.

Lisa’s work in the mental health field began organically as she stepped into a mentoring role at the onset of the 18 years she and her husband spent working at an international college prep boarding and day school on Long Island. In 2011, she launched More to Be with a vision to equip women to mentor teen girls from a biblical perspective. That vision evolved into numerous biblically-based books and courses, including Impact TogetherMeet the New You, and Unblinded Faith

The shift into equine-assisted work came by way of relocating from New York to Pennsylvania in 2015. Lisa’s been a horse-crazed girl from the time she could walk and had the privilege of being able to trail ride with her uncle and attend summer riding camps where she learned how to jump and get dumped. In 2018, Lisa took on a volunteer leadership role at an equine-assisted learning program which inspired her decision to return to school to become a therapist in 2020. 

In 2021, Lisa launched and soon thereafter joined the instructor team of, with her debut curriculum for equestrians, Finding Calm: Helping Riders Navigate through Fear and Anxiety. Her personal quest to find calm came alongside the adoption of Kodiak “Kody” Jack in 2022, an OTTB rescue with a remarkable journey of redemption and second chances.  

You might notice that Lisa also goes by "Elisa," which is her given name and the name you’ll find in her published works. However, she prefers to be called "Lisa" and has a great story about why she ditched the "E" in her name with her anger as she healed from a legacy of emotional and physical abuse. Be sure to ask her about her story – she loves sharing about how transformation and building a new legacy is indeed possible!

Lisa counts her husband of 27 years and their four children (plus her son-in-law) as her life's greatest blessings. She savors slowing down with God, her family, including her beloved Golden Retriever, and friends. When she's not at home or seeing clients, you'll find Lisa loving on Kodiak Jack, and enjoying the sheer joy of a big canter that no longer feels scary! 

Kody & Lisa at Concordia
Highlands Ability Battery
Natural Lifemanship
Life Breakthrough Academy
Harmony Horsemanship
Lisa & Teddy

It is amazing how much you can learn about yourself when you seek authentic connection with a horse and apply what you learn to life.

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