Stableminded Retreats

Customizable retreat experiences for individuals, small groups, and leadership teams!

From the moment you arrive at the Stableminded Barn, nestled into the rolling hills of Chester County Amish farmland at Honey Brook Stables, you'll step out of the chaos of life into a place of calm.

This will be a retreat experience like no other, away from the hustle and bustle of the daily responsibilities, the digital life, and your normal retreat conference rooms. Instead, you'll get dusty, and yeah, maybe a bit dirty, as your feet move along the pastureland and your hands run across the fence lines or the backs of a horse you find yourself drawn to touch.

Through intentionally organic yet purposefully offered equine-assisted learning sessions, you'll rediscover the importance of connection. This time is the playground of learning, discovering how to care for yourself while considering the opportunities for growth in your in mind, body, soul, and relationships.

Our customizable Stableminded Retreats are perfectly designed for individuals, married couples, small groups, and leadership teams ready for a reset, refocus, and reconnection.

Customizable Retreats

  • Women
  • Married Couples
  • Mother and Daughters
  • Parents and Teens
  • Friends
  • Leadership Teams
  • Ministry Teams
  • Small Groups
  • Equestrians

A Stableminded Retreat experience will help you to reset, restore, and reignite a vision for thriving, not merely surviving.


  • Emotional Reset
  • Physical Refueling
  • Restoring Relationships 
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Respite Care
  • Space to Make Decisions
  • Healing from Loss
  • Dreaming
  • Soul Refreshing
  • Team Building
  • Memory Making

RESTorative Retreat

Our Restorative Retreats offer you an invitation to not only REST but also RESTORE your rhythms, relationships, and reality at work and home.

It is one thing to hit pause and take a vacation, but what happens when you head back to real life? If all you did was get away, everything will be the same when you return.

Imagine if your time away was indeed a break from your reality AND also equipped you with a fresh vision for doing life in a healthier way!

Our unique and customizable Restorative Retreats balance depth with delight in a beautiful environment at the stables in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania.

Yes, you'll learn and laugh. You'll grow and gain new skills. You'll be encouraged and inspired. You'll heal and find hope. You'll make wonderful memories as you interact with horses. You'll soak up the most stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Your Restorative Retreat will give you practical strategies that enable you to arise from challenges, stabilize life, and thrive!

Maybe, as you think of all these benefits, you realize that you're not the only one who needs Restorative Retreat.

You don't need to go at this alone! Invite your spouse, sister, mother, or daughter to REST and RESET with you. Grab your girlfriends, leadership team, and entrepreneurial sisters to do this growth work together.

Whatever your need, together we can envision a unique and customizable Restorative Retreat destined to meet your needs!

To get started, complete the Restorative Retreat request form below!

Noel and Mary

This experience is the beginning of becoming the person I want to be.

. . . a courageous decision-maker, a finder of peace amidst the “crazy” to hear God’s will for me more clearly, and a more compassionate spouse who can ask for what I need.

The work we did with and without the horses gave me such insights into decisions I need/ want to make and a clearer sense of being.

Lisa was able to identify and show me how I was being present. She guided me through activities that helped me identify past and present behaviors that have prevented me from making decisions.

The stables are located in one of the most beautiful areas and just being there invites a sense of calm. I can’t say enough about this experience, for me, it’s the start of becoming a better me. Thank you Lisa for providing this amazing opportunity!

Mary Taylor
Online Coaching & Restorative Retreat Client

Retreat Format

Together, we will customize a retreat experience that targets your goals!

What's included?

  • 2 to 3 equine-assisted learning sessions
  • Coaching strategy session
  • Lunch

Optional Add-Ons:

cost depends on the date, availability, and size of the group

Optional Customizations:

  • Personality Focus
  • Communication Focus
  • Anxiety Reduction Focus
  • Passion & Purpose Focus
  • Horsemanship Focus
  • Spiritual Gifts Focus
  • Biblical Integration

What is the cost?

  • The base price for a one-day retreat starts at $899 for one person. Pricing is adjusted based on the number of participants, length of the retreat, session focus, and optional add-ons.
  • Lodging is not included in the cost.

Sample Schedule

Day 1:

Evening Arrival

  • Welcome Gift
  • Orientation
  • Session 1: Equine-Assisted Learning Session
  • Farm Walk (weather permitting)

Day 2:


  • Session 2: Equine-Assisted Learning Session
  • Light Snacks for Morning Break
  • Guided Reflection Time


  • Lunch
  • Session 2: Equine-Assisted Learning Session
  • Coaching Session

Lisa Pulliam

Meet Your Retreat Host & Coach

Lisa Pulliam, the founder of, is passionate about helping individuals, families, and groups arise, stabilize, and thrive through growing emotionally resilient and relationally strong. By providing coaching and development programs, with the support of assessments and equine-assisted learning opportunities, Lisa's goal is to equip her clients with practical skills to navigate through anxiety, fear, insecurity, hurt, shame, mental blocks, leadership challenges, and relational conflict as she simplifies the brain-body-relationship connection that shapes mindset and habits.

Lisa is a certified Natural Lifemanship Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Specialist and Coach, Life Breakthrough Coach, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and is pursuing an MA in Clinical Counseling with a trauma concentration at Eastern University. She savors the time with her husband of 26 years, nearly all-grown-up children, being entertained by her beloved Golden Retrievers, and relishing the power of restoration with her rescued racehorse, Kodiak Jack. 

Beautiful Destination

The Restorative Retreat is held on the beautiful Honey Brook Stables property in Honey Brook, PA, nestled in the middle of Amish farms! Stay at the Honey Brook Farmhouse for a quintessential Lancaster experience. Or choose from numerous lodging options between the Stables and regional airports, including Philadephia International or Harrisburg!

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Complete the Request Form

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Step 2: Planning Session

You'll be sent a link to book a 30-minute planning session via Zoom.

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Once your retreat is planned, you'll pay the deposit to secure your dates. 

Retreat Request Form

Complete the form below to get started on booking your customizable Restorative Retreat!

The prices for these add-ons vary depending upon time of year and number of participants.


This retreat is held in heart of Pennsylvania horse country at Honey Brook Stables, in Honey Brook.


Great question. Check out this page for some of the wonderful options available to you.

Through this kind of unique experience, participants will learn and gain:

  • how relationships can be sabotaged by interactions
  • what the brain and body do in the fear state
  • steps to reduce the fear response
  • anxiety reduction techniques
  • sensitivity to those suffering from trauma
  • what to do when facing resistance
  • how to respond when being ignored
  • noticing the window of tolerance
  • expanding frustration tolerance capabilities
  • observing body language
  • raising and lowering energy levels
  • emotional refueling
  • intellectual stimulation
  • delight at learning
  • life-skill applications

This is just the beginning of what can be learned and applied!

Equine-Assisted Coaching and Learning provides a unique way to explore growth because horses are willing to engage in connection and also resist it if they don't feel safe. They are created with a brain and body response system that works for their survival. As herd animals, they rely on their senses and one another for protection and also the provision of needs. By entering into an experience with a horse, we can explore what we bring into a relationship as well as what we can get out of it. As a result, we learn about ourselves and the needs of others in a fresh new way.

Although most people believe that trauma needs to be a big life event, anything that causes you to experience fear of harm can result in a traumatic experience and hinder the way you see yourself, others, God (if faith is part of your life), and your place in this world.  For example, all these events can be categorized as trauma:

  • intrauterine and birth trauma
  • abuse and neglect
  • domestic violence
  • grief and loss
  • car accident
  • flooding and fires
  • natural disaster
  • divorce
  • family separation
  • combat
  • detainment/deportation
  • incarceration/imprisonment
  • homelessness
  • poverty
  • community violence and civil unrest
  • sudden changes in relationships
  • sudden and unexpected moves
  • individuals eager to gain self-awareness and heal
  • mothers ready to discover a new way to relate to their children
  • families seeking to cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating
  • couples longing for a deeper understanding of each other
  • young adults looking for the courage to embrace their college and career endeavors
  • leaders and teams ready to find unity in their vision and discover how to work together more effectively

You don't need any horse experience at all. Actually, the less you know about horses, the more remarkable your experience can be because you'll show up teachable and without any preconceived notions about what to do. This is all unmounted work. If you would like riding lessons, we can put you in touch with a fabulous instructor at the farm.


You'll want to wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting muddy.


Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


Download the Six Essentials for a Stabilized Life workbook!

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