Finding CALM for Riders

Because It is Time to Enjoy Your Riding & Horsemanship Journey

Do you find yourself making excuses about why “today isn’t a good day" to ride?

Are you “falling apart” over the littlest struggle with your horse?

Have you always dreamed about being the kind of horse person that is calm, cool, and collected?

Maybe all these things are happening to you on top of trying to recover from that fall you took . . . last month or last year.

No matter where you find yourself today, it is possible to find the calm you crave and enjoy your ride once again with the Finding C.A.L.M. Method outlined step-by-step in the Finding Calm course and book due out from in 2024

You don't have to wait for the release of this timeless and transforming material to get started. Begin today on your journey of finding calm through one-on-one customized coaching! To get started, book a Consultation Call!

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Why Finding Calm is What You Need!

Whether you've been sabotaged by the subtle creep of anxiety, worry, and comparison that breeds faster than the flies on a hot summer night or find yourself locked up in fear from an experience that changed you from the inside out, this coaching program (and future course) is for you!

Discover how the four key principles in the Finding C.A.L.M. Framework -- Connect, Assess, Learn, Motivate -- can change everything for you and the horse you ride!

Yes, I can coach you into calm as a way of being that will foster courage, confidence, and a joy-filled connection with your horse so that this passion can once again be a bright part of your life!

  • discover how fear blocks learning
  • gain skills to reduce anxiety
  • uncover relational strengths
  • identify how and when to utilize boundaries
  • integrate positive reinforcement into training moments
  • experience calm and confidence through connection
  • gain accountability through coaching
  • identify motivators and blockers

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Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


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