Personal Vision Masterclass

This Masterclass is for YOU!

If you know you need to make changes in your life but aren't sure how to get started, this class is for you.

You only need one hour!

In a one-hour live class, you'll gain the framework necessary for making decisions that lead to lasting growth and whole-life change.

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What's Included?

Live Teaching

Engaging, Relevant, and Practical

Lisa Pulliam will unpack for you her proven framework for embracing the process of transformation. She brings to you over a decade of experience facilitating the change and growth process for clients not only through traditional one-on-one coaching but also from a trauma-informed perspective as well as a Highlands Ability Battery consultant. As a result, she is able to identify the types of obstacles that stand in the way of growth and provide insight and practical steps to help her clients, and students of this class, move forward.

Self-Assessment Resources

Take Home Application

You will receive access to worksheets and personalized assessments to help you embrace a realistic vision for your life.

Proven Method

ARISE will be Your New Normal

Lisa has developed a particular method, which she calls ARISE, to help clients assess what is working and not working in both moment-by-moment decisions as well as for major life changes. She'll walk you through this proven method and help you discover not only how but why it will help you grow forward and embrace the life you were made to live.

Exclusive Opportunities to Grow

Priority Access to the Personal Vision Coaching Group + Course

Masterclass attendees will receive priority access to enrolling in the Personal Vision Coaching Group + Course. If it is full, solo client spots will be offered based on enrollment in the Masterclass. 

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Personal Vision Masterclass

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