Equine-Assisted Coaching and Learning

Serving Individuals, Families, and Groups

StableMinded equine-assisted coaching and learning programs provide an enjoyable, safe, and skills-based experience that supports personal and professional growth.

Built upon simplified neuroscientific principles that explain the brain-body-relationship dynamic, through partnering with a horse, participants will gain an understanding of patterns of responses to stress, fear, conflict, frustration, anxiety, and relating to others as well as how to move into a healthier way of living and connecting.

Participants will learn how to regulate heart rate, properly breathe (you'd be surprised how many of us are not actually doing this and are struggling with health issues as a result), and navigate emotions into actions that prove helpful and not harmful.

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Horse experience is not necessary.

Your team, which includes a Mental Health Coach and an Equine-partner, and often an Equine Specialist, will teach you everything you need to know. Actually, less knowledge can be better!

Sessions are customizable for youth, adults, couples, families, and groups as well as equestrians seeking to improve their relationship with the horse they ride in a lesson, lease, or own.

We also partner with mental health professionals to support the healing process, especially for those recovering from trauma or in treatment for anxiety.

StableMinded programs are designed to create a safe, skills-based, and enjoyable learning experience that supports the growth process for each individual and group.

Start with an Introductory Session

Let's see if Equine Assisted Coaching & Learning (EAC/L) is the right fit for you!

Introductory sessions are 45-minutes long and take place at Honey Brook Stables.

You'll meet with Lisa Pulliam, her Equine Specialist Assistant, and one of the StableMinded horse partners! 

The standard rate for a session is $139. However, you will see two additional price options. We have provided these alternatives for the Introductory Session Only as we know you are making an investment into which you have no idea of the outcome. The full price covers all of our expenses to care for the horses, provide for the staffing, and sustain StableMinded. However, if you are not able to pay the full price, we encourage you to choose one of the other pricing options.

For future sessions, you may submit a financial need request form and be considered for our sliding scale based on the availability of sessions and resources.

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Why horses?

What is it about partnering with horses in a coaching, learning, or therapy session so powerful?

Horses seek connection.

As herd animals, horses experience secure and insecure attachments as well as social dynamics as they learn to survive and thrive with each other as well as in relationships with us. 

Horses respond to heart rate.

Because of this sensitivity, we can observe and learn how our behavior impacts them and vice versus, growing in co-regulation ability and empathy. 

Horses respond to the environment.

Horses have a fully active brain and nervous system enabling them to respond to the environment and other living creatures for the sake of survival. They are not mirroring us. They are responding to us, providing us with valuable information to explore our patterns of interacting with others. When we discover these patterns, we can begin the growth process and develop new habits of being in this world. 

Equine-Assisted Coaching Helps:

  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Increase Ability to Relax
  • Uncover Core Fears
  • Identify Frustration Tolerance
  • Reveal Relationship Habits
  • Expose Limiting Beliefs
  • Tap in Courage and Confidence
  • Find Your Voice
  • Create Space for Healing
  • Repair Broken Relationships
  • Learn How to Make a Healthy Request
  • Discover How to Connect with Others
  • Develop the Skills to Work Well as a Family, Team, or Organization
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The A.R.I.S.E. Method, devised by Lisa Pulliam, is utilized as a way to guide clients not only in a session with a horse but also to seamlessly support life outside of the round pen.

Private Equine-Assisted Learning Workshops for Families, Friends, and Leadership Teams

HERDstablity Workshops


Gather your family, friends, or leadership team for a bonding and learning experience together.

The HERDstability Workshops are designed to be fun as well as productive with the goal of helping you arise, stabilize, and thrive individually and as a unit.

Participants will learn how to connect more effectively while also gaining skills to help navigate through life in an emotionally resilient and relational strong way.

Who is this good for?

These workshops are designed to provide relationship-building opportunities as well as benefits for personal growth. As such, these workshops are great for:

  • families looking to spend quality bonding time together
  • friends committed to intentional growth and accountability
  • teams who need to improve communication and harness vision
  • couples who want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or milestone in a unique way
  • self-care occasion for yourself
  • combine multiple workshops for a one-day or two-day experience

. . . and the list goes on and on!

What's included?

Each workshop is two hours in length and includes interaction with an equine partner, a practical guidebook for growth, and take-home applications.

Adult participants will receive a $15 voucher for a private coaching session online or an introductory equine-assisted coaching session.

The group organizer receives a $25 voucher good on any coaching package.

Be sure to ask about lodging availability and rates to turn your workshop into a get-away experience at the beautiful Honey Brook Stables location.

What does it cost?

The flat rate for one workshop is $349, with a maximum of four participants. For larger groups, please request a quote.

Ready to plan?

Book a consultation session to discuss how we can customize your experience to meet your needs.

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Workshop Options

In this introductory workshop, participants will learn how the horse and human brain and body respond under stress, fear, and disconnection compared to calm and secure connections. Through interacting with the group's equine partner, participants will learn how to use the ARISE Method for reducing fear/anxiety, increasing confidence, and cultivating healthy connections with others. Yes, this unique workshop offers a practical hands-on learning experience in which participants will walk away with insights and tools for living a stableminded life.


What can a horse teach us about living life in a more playful and adventuresome way? In this workshop, you'll be given a fresh perspective on life through observing and learning how horses interact with each other and their environment. You'll also experience childlike fun that just may include playing some homemade instruments and relay races. 


In this workshop, you'll experience the adventure of connecting with a horse in their field and observing the process of haltering and leading to the barn. Then you'll get the hands-on experience of grooming from head to tail, including picking hooves. You'll get to see what connecting at liberty is all about and will give it a whirl for yourself. This workshop is great for a family or group of friends who want to spend time together doing something unusual and meaningful, as you'll learn a bit about yourself and each other in the time spent together. 


Building upon Part 1, in this workshop, you'll get to learn about all the gear and supplies needed to care for a horse, from the halter and blankets to the bridle and saddle (English, most likely) to pasture space and stall philosophy. You'll have the opportunity to tack a horse just like you would if you were going to ride out in the wild blue yonder. You'll also have the opportunity to continue building on connection principles at liberty and experience a team-bonding experience with your group's equine partner. 


What are the perfect ingredients for creating healthy boundaries that will lead to deeper connections rather than more conflict with others?⁠ In this workshop, you'll learn the 3 Cs of building healthy boundaries and developing deeper connections through observing herd dynamics and interacting with your group's equine partner. 


What can a horse teach us about having any sense? In this workshop, you'll learn not only about horse senses (and sensibilities) but also how to activate your senses and more importantly, also your sensibility. You'll gain a new understanding of how growth scales, like the window of tolerance, impacts the way to how you face challenges and interact with others at home and work. Yes, this workshop is great for couples, close friends, and work teams. Through observing herd dynamics and interacting with your equine partner, you'll discover how you can support one another in the growth process.

We thrive on customizing our workshops to meet your needs. Tell us what your group would like to learn and the ways you'd like to see growth happening individually and together. We'll come up with something that is perfect for your group!

Private Equine-Assisted Learning Sessions for Youth and Adults

HORSEstability Horsemanship + Lifemanship Programs

What can we learn about horses that will teach us about ourselves? And what can we learn about ourselves that will help us care better for horses?

The HorseStability Horsemanship + Lifemanship program is a hands-on learning experience that teaches the basics of how to care for and connect with horses while providing mental health and leadership benefits.

Sessions include grooming, leading, and unmounted work at liberty with a focus on creating a true connection with our equine partners. This approach provides excellent care not only for the horses but also many mental health benefits including anxiety reduction and confidence-building while also developing leadership skills.


HORSEstability for Horses & Owners

Recommend for Owners Seeking a New Approach with their Horse

Horseability sessions cater to the needs of horses and their owners. The sessions inspire and cultivate confidence and connection through learning and applying natural lifemanship (yes, not solely horsemanship) principles within a trauma-informed neurobiological perspective. These sessions are great for horses off who are "off" work due to injury or transitioning into retirement as well as for any problem behavior that is a result of trauma or ill-timed reinforcements. For owners who want a new way of interacting with their horses that focused on relationship-building and connecting, this program meets that need one hundred percent. 

HORSEstability for Equestrians

Recommended for Equestrians Overcoming Fear

It is no secret that getting back into the saddle, or even handling a horse on the ground, can be emotionally and physically overwhelming once fear sets it. Whether it's following a moment that spooked you or your horse, a mild incident, or a major accident, fear can become paralyzing. While the mantra may be "just do it scared," that's actually the worst thing you can do for yourself and the horse you're interacting with. What you both need is to "do it grounded" as you build trust and learn how to coregulate together. To get started on this healing and growth process book a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and we'll make the best plan for you. 

Meet Our Horse Partners

We are grateful to partner with the herd at Honey Brook Stables. We have the privilege of selecting our equine partners, some of who are shown below, based on the client's needs as well as what is beneficial to each horse.

Retired from the StableMinded Program

You'll quickly learn through partnering with horses, that each one is as unique as any human you'll meet. They each have a story, a personality, and their own emotional as well as physical health needs. Therefore, when we choose to retire a horse from the StableMinded program, it is always with the horse's best interest in mind. Our highest goal is that both horses and humans are honored and cared for well in every season and stage in life.

What can you expect from equine-assisted coaching?

The equine-assisted coaching and learning process may be hard to picture. How you can benefit from time with a horse? Grab a few minutes to listen to a simple, and personal, explanation about the process and how you could personally and professionally benefit from connecting with a horse and coach.


Equine-Assisted Coaching and Learning provides a unique way to explore growth because horses are willing to engage in connection and also resist it if they don't feel safe. They are created with a brain and body response system that works for their survival. As herd animals, they rely on their senses and one another for protection and also the provision of needs. By entering into an experience with a horse, we can explore what we bring into a relationship as well as what we can get out of it. As a result, we learn about ourselves and the needs of others in a fresh new way.

Natural Lifemanship principles utilized in equine-assisted coaching and learning sessions are built upon the concepts of healthy attachment and building attuned, connected relationships. The principles applied between the horse-and-human relationship equally apply to our human-to-human relationships.

Neuroscience research demonstrates that our brains can change through new and healthy experiences. In our sessions, we explore the cultivation of new thinking patterns (neuropathways) to move toward healing, growth, and transformation.

The way to change old patterns that no longer serve us is to practice something new. The learning is accomplished in our sessions, utilizing principles we put into practice in all of our relationships. The goal is to learn how to have connected and attuned relationships, which leads to healthy development, contributes to healing at any age and enhances well-being.

Although most people believe that trauma needs to be a big life event, anything that causes you to experience fear of harm can result in a traumatic experience and hinder the way you see yourself, others, God (if faith is part of your life), and your place in this world.  For example, all these events can be categorized as trauma:

  • intrauterine and birth trauma
  • abuse and neglect
  • domestic violence
  • grief and loss
  • car accident
  • flooding and fires
  • natural disaster
  • divorce
  • family separation
  • combat
  • detainment/deportation
  • incarceration/imprisonment
  • homelessness
  • poverty
  • community violence and civil unrest
  • sudden changes in relationships
  • sudden and unexpected moves
  • individuals eager to gain self-awareness and heal
  • mothers ready to discover a new way to relate to their children
  • families seeking to cultivate new ways of connecting and communicating
  • couples longing for a deeper understanding of each other
  • young adults looking for the courage to embrace their college and career endeavors
  • leaders and teams ready to find unity in their vision and discover how to work together more effectively

The farm sessions are held in heart of Pennsylvania horse country at Honey Brook Stables, in Honey Brook. If you are from out of town, we will schedule your sessions on back-to-back days or the same day. Feel free to request a list of local accommodations.


You don't need any horse experience at all. Actually, the less you know about horses, the more remarkable your experience can be because you'll show up teachable and without any preconceived notions about what to do. This is all unmounted work. If you would like riding lessons, we can put you in touch with a fabulous instructor at the farm.


You'll want to wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting muddy.


When it comes to caring for horses, the expense can quickly add up in order to provide quality veterinary care, food, pasture space, grooming supplies, and board. As a professional working with horses, there is also the matter of liability insurance. As such, the cost of an equine-assisted experience will be more than an online coaching experience. However, what you learn in one session with a horse may take multiple sessions online, depending upon your level of awareness. 

Natural Lifemanship

Ready to get started?

Connect with Lisa to begin the kind of growth process that will result in lasting change and impact.

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Lisa gave me an invaluable experience working with her and Teddy. It was so special…the exposure and connection to a horse helped me to overcome some of my fear of horses and also made me aware of the times when fear shows up in my relationships and how I can navigate that in a healthier way.

Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


Download the Six Essentials for a Stabilized Life workbook!

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