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Coaching Programs for Equestrians


Start with our 3-session coaching package perfect for identifying where you're stuck and strategizing a plan for moving forward. 

$390 for 3 50-minute sessions


With a clear plan in place, it is time to put your goals into action with the support of twice-a-month coaching calls to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. 

$1040 for 8 50-minute sessions


Thriving is what you'll experience with the support of a monthly coaching call that serves as accountability, vision-casting, and action-oriented results. 

$780 for 6 50-minute sessions

Targeted Programs

Finding CALM

Recommended for Equestrians Desiring a C.A.L.M. Approach to Horsemanship

This customizable program is designed for equestrians who crave a fresh and focused approach to tackling challenges, clarifying vision, and pursuing results. Utilizing the Finding CALM Method, a four-part process of identifying how you can grow through connection, assessment, learning, and motivation, you'll gain from this coaching program a strategy and plan for bringing calm into every part of your horsemanship experience in and out of the tack.


  • 6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • 2 monthly check-in sessions
  • Growth Tracker
  • Coaching Guidebook
  • Access to Finding Calm Retreats

$1040 or two payments of $540


Recommended for Equestrians Overcoming Setbacks and Fear

It is no secret that getting back into the saddle or even handling a horse on the ground, can be emotionally and physically overwhelming once fear sets in, no matter the original cause. Fear can become paralyzing, especially after a fall or handling an incident on the ground. So while the mantra may be "just do it scared," that's actually the worst thing you can do for yourself and the horse you're interacting with. What you both need is to "do it grounded" as you build trust and learn how to co-regulate together.


  • 6 weekly sessions
  • 2 monthly check-in sessions
  • Growth Tracker
  • Access to Finding Calm Retreats

$1040 or two payments of $540

Benefits of Coaching

  • discover how fear blocks learning
  • gain skills to reduce anxiety
  • uncover relational strengths
  • identify how and when to utilize boundaries
  • integrate positive reinforcement into training moments
  • experience calm and confidence through connection
  • gain accountability through coaching
  • identify motivators and blockers

Robyn Y.

Equestrian Coaching Client

With Lisa's help, I no longer feel shame and failure for my trials and tribulations with my horse. I feel confident enough now that I know I can keep riding her, but my thinking has progressed to whether we are a good match. I feel that I am now in a better place mentally to decide what to do for both of us.

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