Mental Fitness for Equestrians

coaching you into courage, confidence, and joy-filled connection

If you've faced a set-back with your horse or in riding, this program is for you!

Are you dreading riding your horse or carrying out a simple task like grooming or groundwork?

Do you find yourself making excuses about why “today isn’t a good day to go to the barn or ride”?

Are you “falling apart” over the littlest struggle with your horse?

Maybe all these things are happening to you on top of trying to recover from that fall you took . . . last month or last year.

No matter where you find yourself today, the Mental Fitness for Equestrians Coaching Program is for you, as you will learn how to reignite your courage, deepen your confidence, and find joy-filled connection with your horse again.

Together, I will lead you through a step-by-step process for facing the challenges that have set you back. You will gain a new understanding of your strengths in the tack and on the ground while also discovering how to bring about the best in your horse. 

Whether you've been sabotaged by the subtle creep of apprehension, comparison, worry, and anxiety that breeds faster than the flies on a hot summer night or find yourself locked up in fear from an experience that changed you from the inside out, this coaching program (and future course) is for you!

Yes, I can coach you into courage, confidence, and joy-filled connection so that your equestrian life will once again be a bright part of your life!

Let’s get started.

mental Fitness Assessment for Equestrians

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    The Mental Fitness for Equestrians Coaching Program

    The Mental Fitness for Equestrian Coaching Program is 100% customizable for your needs. Sessions can take place virtually or at the stables in Narvon PA, including one to three-day intensives.

    While the virtual sessions do not include horses, the in-person sessions provide the opportunity to explore principles and practice skills together. In either setting, you will walk away from each experience with skills that you can integrate into your riding and interactions with your horse (or the horse you get to love)!

    This program focuses on three core principles over six sessions:


    • Identifying what courage looks like for you and your horse
    • Creating a realistic plan targeting specific steps for sustainable growth


    • Uncovering the beliefs and experiences that sabotage your confidence as well as your horse's
    • Harnessing the tools and the support team to enhance your education as well as motivation in the face of fear


    • Understand the art and science of mind, body, and heart connection within yourself, with others, and your horse and why it is essential
    • Pinpointing the sources of disconnection, and the triggering of survival mode, and how to re-establish calm connection

    Each of these principles are woven throughout the program, supported by assessments and practical guides for developing in all three areas.

    Why did I create this program?

    Why did I create this program for you?

    Because it is what I needed for myself . . . over thirty years ago  . . . and more than twelve months ago.

    While I did not experience a tragic riding accident as a teen, I did get popped out of the tack in my first show, not once but three times. (Let's just say I have a lot of opinions about that now, but I'll save that for sharing when the Mental Fitness for Equestrian Course debut in late 2023). Getting back in the saddle was a matter of principle. And I did it scared.

    Fast forward to 2021, and this time instead of getting popped out, I threw myself off a runaway horse. Three months later, on the same horse, I was launched like a rocket when he spooked and I landed flat on my back.

    Thank God, I walked away from both falls with a bit of bruising but nothing broken . . . well not a broken bone.

    However, my courage was broken. My confidence was broken. And my connection was broken -- with a horse I still love and a sport I thought I might never find my joy in again.

    I could have quit. Some might think I should have. But it has never been part of my nature to just give up. I am the comeback kid, passionate about knowing better and doing better.

    It's all about the legacy and example, if you ask me! I come from a long line of folks who live in a constant state of worry, anxiety, and fear. It has threatened to undo me more than a time or two. Combine that with the fact that the trauma of childhood emotional and physical abuse may always show up in my body with a high startle response . . . and well, one might say it could be wise to walk away from riding horses. Sorry, not an option.

    Maybe you can relate. If quitting is not option, I'm here to help you find the way forward!

    No, I won't tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. By the way, it won't work, at least not over the long haul, because that is not the way our body and brain are designed to process the pain we've endured! Instead, I will I put help you discover how to put into practice trauma-informed neuropsychology principles combined with compassionate (and confident) horsemanship skills so that you can find courage, confidence, and joy-filled connection with horses again.

    I know it is possible. I am living proof.

    Kody & Lisa

    Lisa Pulliam

    Founder of & Equine-Assisted Coach/Educator

    Elisa Pulliam, the founder of, is passionate about helping youth, adults, and groups arise, stabilize, and thrive by growing emotionally resilient and relationally strong. By providing coaching and development programs, with the support of assessments and equine-assisted learning opportunities, Lisa's goal is to equip her clients with practical skills to navigate through anxiety, fear, insecurity, hurt, shame, mental blocks, leadership challenges, and relational conflict as she simplifies the brain-body-relationship connection that shapes mindset and habits.

    Lisa is a certified Natural Lifemanship Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Specialist and Coach, Life Breakthrough Coach, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and holds an MA in Clinical Counseling with a trauma concentration from Eastern University.

    When she’s not serving clients, you can find her balancing her time at the stables enjoying her barn family and beloved OTTB rescue, Kodiak Jack, and home savoring the time with her husband of 28 years, nearly all-grown-up children, and being entertained by her beloved Golden Retriever, Beckley.


    You've got questions, we've got answers!

    Great question! Since the program is customizable to meet your needs, you have a choice:
    If you opt for a fully virtual program, which includes six 50-minute sessions, the price is $780.
    If you are interested in sessions at the stables, six 50-minute sessions is $780.
    If you would like to book a one to three-day intensive, the starting price is $1800.
    Hybrid options of virtual and in-person are also possible. Feel free to have an idea in mind for what you'd like to do and let's hop on a call to chat about it.
    Absolutely not. You can be an equestrian and not own your horse. This program is for anyone who wants to develop courage, confidence, and joy-filled connection with the horses they get to partner with in the tack or on the ground.

    Absolutely not. This program is as much for riders as it is for those who are engaging with horses in various other capacities -- from caring for a retired or rescue horse to working at a barn or volunteering in an equine-assisted learning or therapy center. 

    Great question! This program is customizable to your needs. We can do virtual sessions as well as in-person sessions, including one to three-day intensives in Narvon, PA.

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