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Lisa Pulliam

Meet Your Professional Development Coach & Guide

Elisa Pulliam, the founder of, helps individuals and groups arise, stabilize, and thrive. Lisa, as she prefers to be called, is passionate about simplifying the brain-body-relationship connection that shapes mindset and habits.

For over a decade, she has specialized in coaching women through life transitions and offering personal as well as professional development coaching and assessments to adults and teens. She also provides faith-based coaching for clients seeking to align a biblical worldview with their life purpose. In 2021, she added equine-assisted coaching and learning programs to her services, including wellness sessions for individuals of all ages, customized leadership training programs, and team-building workshops for groups and families.

Lisa is a certified Life Breakthrough Coach, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and Natural Lifemanship Trauma-Informed Equine Specialist and Coach. She is currently working on a Master's in Clinical Counseling in Trauma at Eastern University. Lisa is also the author of numerous books, including, Meet the New You, and a sought-after speaker.

Lisa has been riding horses since she was a little girl and discovered that competing at the college level was not as much fun as simply hanging out with the horses and her barn friends. In July 2022, she took a leap of faith and adopted Kodiak Jack, a 2010 Off-the-Track Thoroughbred from Omega Horse Rescue. Together, they are learning the art of connection and the beauty of redemption as they grow their relationship one experience at a time. When she’s not at the stables, she savors the time with her husband of 26 years, nearly all-grown-up children, and being entertained by her beloved Golden Retrievers.

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