Elisa Pulliam

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Lisa Pulliam is a gifted teacher and inspirational speaker, engaging audiences through the practical, personal, and winsome ways she communicates life change principles.

Lisa is passionate about simplifying the way forward by helping her listeners understand how the heart, mind, and body function as an integrated whole and in the context of relationships.

Lisa believes that wholehearted breakthrough and authentic life transformation are possible. She's committed to helping young and old alike discover how to move forward through taking small steps out of their comfort zone and reaching for the life they were made to live.

Since 2012, she has coached women in every aspect of life, from life transitions and purpose to professional growth and business development.

In 2021, she completed her certification as a trauma-informed equine-assisted coach and is currently working towards a Masters in Clinical Counseling with a trauma focus.

She spent nearly twenty years spent mentoring teenage girls at an international boarding and day school, while raising her children alongside her husband, and leading her own graphic design business before launching an international ministry, More to Be.

Lisa Pulliam, Speaker & Trainer

Keynotes & Workshops

Customized for You

Lisa is gifted at partnering with organizations, non-for-profits, and businesses in bringing forth a message that inspires personal action for the greater good. 


Understanding the Impact of Trauma
Cultivating a Culture of Connection
The Power of Partnership
Building a Living Legacy
The Vitality of Vision
Becoming a Change Agent
Stabilizing Your Family: A Trauma-Informed Perspective for Well-Being & Relationship Building

Lisa was the featured speaker for a large group of women at our Christmas brunch. Her message was spot-on. The women were riveted by her testimony and teaching. Lisa came to speak, but in every way, she really came to serve.

Mary O'Connor, Island Christian Church

Equine-Assisted Retreats & Workshops

Bring Lisa to your stables, farm, or ranch to lead a one-of-kind equine-assisted learning clinic, workshops, or retreat and discover how understanding herd dynamics and horse behavior can radically change not on your horsemanship but also your humanship. Yes, these programs are great for equestrians and non-horsey people.


  • harnessing gifts and talents
  • utilizing resources as a team
  • navigating fear and anxiety
  • working through resistance
  • caring for clients and customers
  • uncovering leadership potential
  • communication with compassion
  • empathy for relationship building
  • cultivating leadership skills
  • leadership development
  • growing together as a team
  • work/life balance
  • vision and goal setting
  • trauma-informed care
  • neurobiology behind change

Her authenticity was perfect for our retreat. Her message and focus on Scripture were what we needed.


Faith-Based Women's Events & Retreats

Lisa has served as a retreat speaker for nearly two decades. She is more than happy to customize a timeless and effective biblically-rooted message to equip your audience. 

The Embrace Retreat

The Embrace Retreat is specifically designed for a small group of women to experience together in a home setting, in which sharing meals and connecting at a deep level fosters growth. The four sessions, Be Made New, Be Refreshed, Be Transformed, and Be the Impact, are inspired by timeless biblical principles and life coaching practices. Lisa uses her unique combination of teaching, coaching, and storytelling to provide a safe haven of connection and authenticity.

Better Together

Inspired by the 18 years spent living as a faculty wife at a boarding school, in the Better Together retreat, Lisa unpacks the power of mentoring and the importance of understanding generational differences. Her emphasis is on developing life-giving, healthy relationships within a family, church, school, ministry, or organization through learning how to connect effectively. This message can be shared in a one-day conference, full retreat experience, or customized into a training workshop for launching a mentoring ministry.

Let's Work Together

Begin the process of working with Lisa to customize an event or training that works best for your group or team.

Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


Download the Six Essentials for a Stabilized Life workbook!

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