A.R.I.S.E. Clinic for Equestrians

Hosted in Partnership with Honey Brook Stables, Honey Brook, PA

Cultivate Confidence with Connection

The ARISE Clinic for Equestrians is a hands-on learning experience that will bring confidence into your riding and connection to your horsemanship. Through unmounted work, you will:

  • learn how to read horse behavior
  • improve your responsiveness and attunement
  • gain skills to reduce anxiety, fear, and frustration
  • cultivate confidence and connection on the ground and in the tack

All experience levels and disciplines are welcome! Children under age 12 may attend with a parent present.

Dates & Fees

January 19 from 6 to 8:30 pm 

February 11 from 2 to 4:30 pm 

$75 per clinic or $125 for both

What to Expect

Everything you want to know about the ARISE Clinic Experience!

This clinic will teach you how a connection works with a horse and human, based on the way the brain works and related biological factors. These principles and techniques will be practiced one-on-one with a horse in a round pen under supervision with others observing in order to learn and support one another. The principles apply to the human dynamic of relationships and can be drawn on a personal level -- as deep or as light as an individual wants to do so. They are great techniques for learning how to navigate through anxiety and fear as well as cultivating confidence and courage.
We have chosen the horses we will be using for the clinic, and you will have a chance to interact with each one. The skills you will learn will be ones you can practice with your own horse or lesson horse outside of the clinic time.
What you will learn is 100% compatible with what is taught in lessons at Honey Brook Stables and in liberty sessions. Whereas your lessons are teaching you the "what to do" from the saddle or on the ground in a liberty session, this clinic will teach you the "why" and "how" so that you can become more creative and confident in the requests you make and how you interact with horses -- and also humans. 
Absolutely! We'll be starting with the basics and building as fast and deep as each person is ready to go!

The clinic will be geared towards those currently riding and horse owners. However, we welcome beginners and will customize our teaching to meet the needs of our participants!

That is not a problem. The second clinic will begin with a short review and then we'll jump into the second part of the training. You can also book a solo session ($125) with me before the second clinic to learn one-on-one with her. Feel free to contact me directly to arrange a time. 

You'll want to wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dusty and dirty.


Hands-On Clinic

January 19

Discover the importance of connecting with your horse and how to experience it through attachment on the ground as well as in the saddle. With simplified teaching about the brain-body-relationship connection, participants will gain skills for regulating emotions, managing anxiety, and attending to fear.

February 11

For those who attended the first clinic, this one will provide the opportunity to move into confidence at detachment work (think longing at liberty), which requires practical skills such as raising energy levels without getting angry or becoming too passive in order to make a clear request. For those who missed the first clinic, there will be foundations provided to begin attachment work. 

Clinic Schedule

Each clinic will follow a similar format:



Arrival & Introduction


The A.R.I.S.E. Method


Demonstration of Connection with Horses


Practicing Connection with Horses


Discussion & Reflection



Clinic Instructors

Meet Your Clinic Creator & Co-Facilitators


Lisa Pulliam

Founder of StableMinded.us & Equine-Assisted Coach/Educator

Elisa Pulliam, the founder of StableMinded.us, helps youth, adults, and groups arise, stabilize, and thrive by providing coaching and development programs, with the support of assessments and equine-assisted learning opportunities. Lisa, as she prefers to be called, is passionate about equip her clients with practical skills to navigate through anxiety, fear, insecurity, hurt, shame, mental blocks, leadership challenges, and relational conflict as she simplifies the brain-body-relationship connection that shapes mindset and habits.

Lisa is a certified Natural Lifemanship Trauma-Informed Equine-Assisted Specialist and Coach, Life Breakthrough Coach, Highlands Ability Battery Consultant, and is pursuing an MA in Clinical Counseling with a trauma concentration at Eastern University.

She has been riding horses since she was a little girl and discovered that competing at the college level was not as much fun as simply hanging out with the horses and her barn mates. She returned to riding as an adult and is living out her bucket-list dream to own a big beautiful bay, a rescue OTTB, Kodiak Jack. When she’s not at the stables enjoying, she savors the time with her husband of 26 years, nearly all-grown-up children, and being entertained by her beloved Golden Retrievers.

Kaitlyn McGarvey

Kaitlyn McGarvey

Lead Trainer at Honey Brook Stables & HorseClass.com

Kaitlyn is the Barn Manager and Lead Instructor at Honey Brook Stables, the farm campus for HorseClass. She has worked in many disciplines from eventing to liberty performance and has a unique gift in solving relationship problems between horse and rider.

Kaitlyn's friendly, thoughtful, and kind approach to riders and horses alike make her lessons enjoyable and effective. She has the lovely ability to bring together the rider's goals and aspirations, the horse's ability and readiness, and identifying how to help them move towards their goals and dreams.
Kaitlyn helps riders of all levels and ability, whether they are just starting out and looking for correct basics, preparing for competition, or looking to rebuild balance and confidence.

Instructors, Invite Your Riders!

This clinic is open to all! Bring your riders for a wonderful experience that will build your barn-family connections. Instructors attend for free when bringing at least two students!

Book a Private Session or Event

Interested in booking a private session for yourself or your child? Interested in hosting a clinic for your barn or team? Let's connect for a free 15-minute Consultation Session to see what would work best for you!

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