The Influence of a Dream

Have you ever considered how your childhood dreams have influenced your life? You know, those make-believe moments when you envisioned yourself as president, Wonder Woman, or a powerful lawyer? Maybe you dreamed of being a doctor, nurse, or mama of many? Life’s influences inevitably shaped our thoughts of who we could become and what we could accomplish one day. But then we became adults and realized life wasn’t made of dreams but rather hard work and happenstance, or faith and […]

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Are you looking for the “exception to the rule?”

I have an important question for you to consider. It may even be life-changing. Are you looking for the “exception to the rule?” Why life-changing? Well, read on . . . ​ If we’re talking about how much time you should get off from work based on how hard you work, you might in fact think your effort ought to be the exception to the rule. However, if we’re talking about trustworthiness, that may be influenced by how trustworthy you

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Stabilizing Your Family

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, acquiring insight and techniques for creating emotionally resilient and relationally strong connections is an invaluable investment toward stabilizing the family unit. With the ever-changing cultural context and anxiety-producing stressors pushing in on families, “normal childrearing” needs a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma, the survival response system, and the importance of predictable, regulated connections.  Raising children well requires us to look at the life experiences and relationships that have shaped us

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Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


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