Your Life Is Restorable

Have you ever been to a junkyard? It was quite the experience to visit one on the Restorable Retreat hosted by Jen Mininger! The purpose of our visit was to see if anything in the junkyard spoke to where we found ourselves in life — spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. I went into it eager and ready for a deep healing. I had a “thing” in mind I was certain God was going to lead me to. Instead, aisle after aisle […]

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Inspiring Ideas for Self-Care Practices

When you think about self-care, is it synonymous with selfishness? Although I wouldn’t have admitted that out loud to anyone, it is a belief I had for a long time. Maybe you feel the same way? Depending upon the values you’ve inherited and adopted for yourself (even unknowingly), your perspective about hard work and serving others is so significant that taking time to play, rest, and refuel may feel not only uncomfortable and unproductive but downright wrong. ​ ​ Self-care

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How is the story you’re telling yourself influencing your life?

Have you ever stopped to consider the story you are telling yourself about your life? Take 60 seconds to think about that. Really. Think for a moment. Close your eyes with curiosity, wondering . . . What would be the title of the book that tells the story of my life? Do you have that title in mind? Maybe a few choice words that ought not be published? Life is hard, my friend. In my role as a coach over

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Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


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