Growth Tracker & Planner for Equestrians


Are you ready to find your calm and have tangible evidence of your growth?

If you have had enough of fear, anxiety, and worry sabotaging your riding and stealing the joy in your horsemanship life, this tool, in addition to the Finding Calm program, is exactly what you need!

How do I know?

Because this was a tool I created to help me measure my growth as I set my mindset on finding calm, and confidence, in my riding and horsemanship!

My worry kicked in after witnessing a friend sustain a significant injury after a buck landed her hard in the dirt. Two years later, in a completely different setting, I hit the footing nearly as hard twice in four months. That set off a tidal wave of fear and anxiety. I nearly hung up my tack, but my love of horses and helping people heal as an equine-assisted therapist and coach kept me stepping a foot in the stirrup and swinging my leg over the saddle in search of a way to do so from a place of calm.

I’m so glad I got back in the tack, but not like I did in the “good old days.”

This time it wasn’t about “doing it scared.” 

This time, it was about finding calm so that I could once again ride on with joy and confidence.

The process I put into place worked so well that it inspired the creation of the Finding C.A.L.M. Framework, which is core to the Finding Calm program available through!

It’s time to see real results for yourself by using this Growth Tracker, Planner, & Journal designed especially for equestrians like you!

Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


Download the Six Essentials for a Stabilized Life workbook!

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