Stabilizing Your Family: Creating Emotionally Resilient and Relationally Strong Connections


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Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, acquiring insight and techniques for creating emotionally resilient and relationally strong connections is an invaluable investment toward stabilizing the family unit.

With the ever-changing cultural context and anxiety-producing stressors pushing in on families, “normal childrearing” needs a deeper understanding of the impact of trauma, the survival response system, and the importance of predictable, regulated connections. 

Raising children well requires us to look at the life experiences and relationships that have shaped us so that we can show up for the next generation in a way that positively shapes their development and sets them up for success. In less than an hour of your time, you’ll discover how to move towards building a legacy defined by stability and connection, which will be good not only for the children you love but also for yourself.

What is included?

$12 for Workshop Includes:
  • Power-packed teaching video from StableMinded Founder and Coach, Lisa Pulliam

Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


Download the Six Essentials for a Stabilized Life workbook!

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