Creating New Habits Through Carving New Pathways

While we might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, a human mind is able to be touched and transformed through new information. Yes, the good news is that our brains can change, thanks to neuroplasticity. The term, “plasticity” describes the ability of the brain’s neural pathways to be changed as opposed to the original belief that the brain reaches a point in which change is impossible. “We are born with 100 billion neurons—brain nerve cells—which are […]

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Understanding Your Brain & Body Connection

Have you felt stuck in your thinking and habits? Discouraged by the patterns you see in your relationships and work? Wondering why your faith doesn’t feel sufficient when it comes to the change you want to experience? Growth can be hindered by how your brain processes life as a result of past or present trauma. Yes, even it was in the past, you may be locked up in a fear response. Dr. Bruce D Perry, a researcher, clinician, and teacher in the

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What is Equine-Assisted Coaching?

Whether you like being around horses or feel a little skittish (okay, maybe terrified), equine-assisted coaching can be an amazing transformative experience. You may be wondering, but how and why? It boils down to these three simple facts: DESIGN: Horses’ brains are created similarly to the human brain in regards to their fight, flight, and freeze response as well as their ability to regulate, connect, and think differently. BIOFEEDBACK: A horse can feel your heartbeat within a six feet radius

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Stop Surviving and 

Start Thriving


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