What is coaching?

Coaching combines the art of listening with asking strategic open-ended questions to help you discover the solution to your problem, clarify your vision, and define your action steps for moving forward. In our work together, I will guide you through these four phases:

  1. Awareness: helping you understand your past and present story.
  2. Vision: clarifying what you want to accomplish and where you want to go.
  3. Obstacles: exploring the circumstances, beliefs, and habits standing in your way.
  4. Solutions: determining the smallest steps you can take to move into sustainable growth

Coaching is not Counseling

Coaching is different than counseling in that there is not a mental health diagnosis or treatment plan offered. Coaches can work in partnership mental health professionals to provide wrap-around care.

Coaching is not Mentoring, Teaching, or Consulting

Coaching is different than mentoring, consulting, or teaching in that the goal is not to tell you how to accomplish your goals or solve your problem through replicating specific steps but rather helping you discover the answer for yourself.

My Coaching Promises

As we work together, I promise you these seven important aspects to build trust and commitment with one another:

  1. Emotional Safety
  2. Attentive Listening
  3. Thoughtful Questions
  4. Honest Feedback
  5. Empathy
  6. Encouragement
  7. Accountability

Ready to get started coaching?

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